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Our Drive Test Routes

Our driving test routes allow you to practise with confidence and take fewer driving lessons before taking your test. Our goal is to make it easier for you to pass your driving test, while at the same time saving you money. 

On your DriveTest exam date, your examiner will direct you along a predetermined route. We provide you these same routes so you have a chance to become familiar with the intersections, speed limits and traffic patterns. The more you practice your road test, the more confident you will feel during your test and the more likely you will be to pass. Thousands of people have passed their first test with our help.

Drive test preparation

Cost-Effective DriveTest Preparation

It can be expensive to prepare for a driving license test. Many people choose to take driving lessons to prepare for driving, which can be a very expensive option. Despite investing all that money, you may not be getting enough practice in the specific areas & streets in which your DriveTest Center road test will take place. Retaking the test also incurs a fee, therefore it’s best if you can pass the on the 1st try.

Up-To-Date Routes

Although driving test routes are subject to change from time to time, all DriveTest Center examiners must follow a set of predetermined routes. The information we provide is always the most current. New routes are constantly being updated by our dedicated team for the benefit of new drivers. With our practice routes, you can be confident that they are the same routes that the drive test examiners use.

Drive Test Route Benefits:

- Increase your Chance of Passing Driving Test

- Easy to use

- GPS Test Routes map

- Practice Test Exam Routes

- Examiner mark sheet

- Test Practice Sheet

- No Need driving instructor car 

- Save money

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Man Driving Test
  • I greatly appreciated the route you provided, it was perfect

    5/ 5 - Jason F., Mississauga

    Many thanks to the DriveTestRoutes.com team. I had taken a few classes, but I wasn't 100% confident, especially since the earliest drive test date I could get was in different city than were I live. So I practiced myself with routes before the test and it paid off :)

  • Map route performs exactly as described

    5/5 - Jasprit S., Brampton

    The map provided enabled me to drive around the test routes in advance. My phone worked well with the route, and the route information was clear and accurate. And I passed!!!. I would easily recommend this product, it was well worth the price.

  • The navigation routes are accurate

    5/5 - Sarah J., Oakville

    The navigation routes were extremely helpful to me. In my drive center, I had two routes, so I practiced them both to check out signs, road markings, etc., so I felt more comfortable on the test. I will recommend this to future learners. I also passed my G2 test the first time!