What are Drive Test Routes?

Our Driving Test Routes provide driving test routes using Google Maps navigation.

Do you use the most recent versions of your routes?

Yes, DriveTestRoutes.com constantly updates routes in collaboration with learner drivers and instructors.

How do I know if my phone is compatible?

We provide routes that are compatible with a variety of mobile devices, including iOS and Android, using Google Maps.

How can I apply for an Ontario driver's license? Where is the nearest location?

Across the province, 56 centers and 39 travel points are available to serve you.

Using the Find a DriveTest Centre link, you can easily find an MTO location near you

For the Ontario road test, are there any specific driving skills I should practice?

The first thing you should do is practice everything pertaining to the road rules. Passing the road test requires sharpening your driving skills. The following skills should be practiced:

  • Make sure you signal, enter and leave turns in the correct lane.
  • Become familiar with the proper speed for driving through intersections.
  • Understand how to react when pedestrians and other vehicles are present at intersections.
  • You should practice controlling your speed and space.
  • Prepare yourself for a variety of road signs by becoming familiar with them

What is the cost of a G2 test?

Usually, your original G1 licence package includes your first attempt at the Class G2 road test. If the test must be paid separately, it will cost you $52.50.

On the Ontario road test, what will I be expected to do for a G2 road test?

As part of the G2 road test, you will be expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Keeping a proper distance between vehicles when following
  • Parking in parallel
  • Changing lanes properly
  • Blind spot checks that are frequent and exaggerated
  • Techniques for defensive driving
  • Intersection navigation
  • Turnarounds at 3 points

On the Ontario road test, what will I be expected to do for a full G road test?
It is expected that you will drive on the expressway on the G road test. During the test, you will be required to state how many times you have driven on a 400-series highway or a highway with an 80 km/hr speed limit in the past three months. You are expected to have completed the above at least five times. 

How long do road test take?
On average it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete a road test.

How should I prepare for my Ontario road test?

You should arrive at your exam at least 30 minutes early. As a result, you will have plenty of time to check in before your test. Consider practicing one more time the night before your Ontario road test. Make sure you get a good night's sleep by relaxing, thinking positively, and getting some rest.

In Ontario, how do I schedule a driving test?

You can book a road test by calling 1-888-570-6110 or 416-325-8580, or you can visit a DriveTest Center in person. Additionally, you can also book your road test date online at DriveTest.ca.

Is the Ministry of Transportation Office going to provide me with a car to take the Ontario road test in?

Unfortunately, no. You are responsible for getting a car. Cars can be rented or borrowed from family or friends.